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Prof. George C. Hairston, Executive Director Comments On New Boook Brain FREEZE

Posted by Dr. Niinana Kweku on May 18, 2014 at 6:20 PM Comments comments (1)

Dr. Niinana Kweku is a unique and extraordinary person who has lived, navigated and survived an  extraordinary life; and,  through his excellent writings, has been able to transform all of that into positive, life-changing lessons for both youth and adults, especially those at-risk and low in aspiration, hope and  confidence.

I am delighted to have been given this opportunity to comment on the life, character and significance of the work and accomplishments of Dr. Kweku. I met him several times during one summer when we were both about eleven years old (I am now 70);at which time, we both focused primarily on throwing rocks at passing cars, and engaging in other acts of youth violence and gang-like behavior. I never saw or heard of him again; but, could not forget his name (Eugene Easley) or our mutual attraction to expending our inquisitiveness and high energy. Through the mentoring and help of a lot of people and the grace of God, I somehow managed to stay out of prison, and managed to eke out a fair amount of success.

During 2012, I ran across someone with the Easley last name who was from the area in which I met Eugene, and she said that she indeed knew him, and would connect us. Wow was the telephone reunion exciting! We talked a long time, and I learned of and read his first book (Ordinary Dads in Search of Manhood: Reclaiming Manhood. From that reading and further conversations, I learned that he did not escape the jail and other troubles. However, he had survived and learned so much from his struggles; and, had developed his communications, mentoring and leadership skills; that, he was and is uniquely qualified to pass on his life lessons to the rest of us.

And, that is precisely what he is doing in his Counseling Practice, his Ministry and most important his excellent books dealing with how to free oneself on psychological slavery, and go on to achieve the destiny of success that awaits each of us. So, get your own personal copies of Dr. Kweku’s books, emancipate your mind, unleash your energies, and achieve your destiny of success.

Prof. George C. Hairston,  Executive Director



Posted by Dr. Niinana Kweku on February 2, 2010 at 9:41 AM Comments comments (5)

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