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                                                   FAMILY  SOLUTIONS  INC.'s  

                                                   QUALITY  &  MISSION  STATEMENT  TO  YOU...



    Promoting a holistic approach to healthy families


    I. Mission Statement


    To provide culturally relevant support services, information and access to

    Activities in a supportive and empowering manner which will in turn empower men/families to secure a more productive life for themselves and at the same time enabling them to make positive contributions to their community.

    These services will be provided for at risk men/families that are identified by the prison system, probation department, social services agencies, and other community agencies, such as churches, families, and community activist.


     II. Statement of purpose


    The family solutions program is designed for families returning home from

    Incarcerations or who have lived a purposeless life , or who is in danger of

    Being incarcerated.  This program will provide them with the learning techniques and skills for problem solving, giving them a greater sense of self-esteem and self-sufficiency.  These participants will experience legitimate life skills training in these areas parenting, anger management, conflict resolution, relationship development, emotional maturity, emotional intelligence, physical health issues, financial planning, and develop empathy.


    Grief and trauma healing.  These participants will learn during the first phase of the program to increase the appropriate and practical use of time, work habits and money:

    to the manner in which process-oriented survival based family roles are shaped by cultural tradition and individual circumstances.


    This program will prepare these participants physically, spirituality, socially,

    emotionally, intellectually, and culturally for reentry from prison or a

    Previous dysfunctional life style.


    The people who will provide services for these families will be recruited from the community who have a history of being involved and are concerned with what is happening to our communities.